Create Good-Paying Jobs

With an unmatched work ethic, strong infrastructure and natural resources, Idaho’s economy should be leading the way. A small businessman, Steve Yates will fight to create good-paying jobs for Idahoans. We’ve added major engines of employment and growth in the energy, technology and national security sectors, but we’re being held back from reaching our potential by over-regulation and big government. For Idaho to reach our potential, we must maintain quality transportation, communications, education and “de-regulatory” infrastructure to encourage new growth and compete with neighboring states.

Strengthen Education

The key to a stronger future for Idaho is top-notch education for our kids. As Lieutenant Governor, Steve Yates will fight for our schools and our teachers and will be an open door and an advocate for the outliers and nontraditional students. The government cannot and should not offer a one-size-fits-all educational system that leaves too many kids behind. Today’s students and future generations deserve nothing less.

Cut Government Spending

The government’s goal should be less impact on our lives, not more. As Lieutenant Governor, Steve Yates will bring the creativity and discipline of business to make government run more efficiently within its proper role.

Fix Healthcare

Steve Yates will bring new ideas and much-needed change to Idaho’s healthcare system, fighting for conservative principles and top-quality care. The stakes are sky high: Obamacare has forced the cost of health care for Idaho families through the roof, and our government health-care programs have failed to provide the level of care that the people of Idaho deserve.

Improve Infrastructure

A strong infrastructure helps a strong economy grow. Taxpayer dollars are used best on safe roads and a strong economy, not more bureaucrats’ desks.

Protect Idaho Values

Throughout his life, Steve Yates has put conservative principles into action, and as Lieutenant Governor, he will serve as a conservative policy advocate for the Governor and the rest of Idaho’s government. That means a focus on life, and a commitment to traditional Idaho family values.

Defend 2nd Amendment

Idaho has one of the highest firearm ownership rates in the country, and a strong hunting heritage that gets passed down from generation to generation. Steve Yates will fight back against government overreach over our firearms from every level.

Protect Life

As a father to two adopted children, Steve Yates knows the value of protecting life. That’s why as Lieutenant Governor we can always count on him to be a strong voice for the pre-born.

Ensure Access To Public Lands

Steve supports the public land heritage of the state of Idaho and will ensure that public lands will remain public. However, he knows that it is Idahoans, not the federal government, who know best how to manage our public lands. Steve will ensure that state based solutions protect Idaho’s heritage and values, and give all Idahoans multi-use access to public lands for years to come.