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Idaho Lieutenant Governor Race: Who’s Running And How Are Their Finances?

August 3, 2017

Matt Guilhem, Boise State Public Radio

So far, five Republican candidates are jockeying to be Idaho’s next lieutenant governor. We have a look at the candidates, the job and the latest financial numbers from their campaigns.

The post of lieutenant governor is part time, relatively low paid and apparently one of the most coveted seats in the Gem State. Boise State Political Science Professor Justin Vaughn says the gig is something of a stepping stone.

“I think this is a next step for most people,” he says. “And as recent history has shown, it can be a really excellent next step. Butch Otter parlayed that into subsequent higher office.”

It would be a great opportunity for the winner to raise their profile and make a splash on the political scene statewide, says Vaughn.

Campaign finance reports are out from the five GOP candidates, and some are in better fiscal shape than others.

Steve Yates, the former head of the Idaho GOP, is leading the pack having raised over $102,000.

“That’s a pretty good number for just announcing recently and only having a certain amount of time when he can even do the fundraising,” according to Vaughn.

The lion’s share of that money comes from out of state, which Vaughn says is a good thing: it shows Yates is connected beyond Idaho.

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August 3, 2017
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