Meet Republican Steve Yates



Steve Yates is running for Lieutenant Governor to put our conservative principles into action, the way he’s done it his entire life.

Steve’s 25-year career in public service, beginning as a China policy expert and culminating with his election as Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, included time at the conservative Heritage Foundation and advising Vice President Dick Cheney as his Deputy National Security Advisor. Since 2011, Steve has run his business here in Idaho, where he’s dedicated his time and energy to serving Republicans across the state to advance our shared values.

As our next Lieutenant Governor, Steve will continue his lifelong work protecting our shared conservative values, controlling government spending, standing up for education, and strengthening our economy to create good jobs – because Idaho deserves nothing less.

A Commitment to Service

From an early age, Steve Yates has been guided by hard work, conservative values and service to others. As our next Lieutenant Governor, Steve will always remember the job is not about him, it’s about the people of Idaho. That’s why he’ll work tirelessly to advance conservative principles and fulfill the opportunities that Idaho has in front of us.

Born to an auto mechanic and a writer in a rural community, Steve attended BYU and served a two-year mission to Taiwan. Upon graduation, Steve was recruited into the National Security Agency as a China policy expert. In 1996, he joined the conservative Heritage Foundation, where he translated his conservative principles into public policy at national and state levels. He joined Vice President Dick Cheney’s office as a Deputy National Security Advisor in 2001, tasked with issues ranging from cyber security and hostage negotiations to energy policy and economic matters. As a top advisor, Steve witnessed history and leadership at the highest levels; he was evacuated from the White House on 9/11 and helped shape our country’s response to its greatest threat.

Following his service in Washington, Steve, with his wife Diana, moved their family and business to Idaho Falls, closer to family. In 2014, Steve was elected as Chairman of the Idaho Republican Party during a very divided moment. He went right to work, bringing people together and working with Republicans across the state, laying out a clear vision and unifying people to advance conservative values in Idaho. He was honored to oversee the party’s election-year successes in 2014 and 2016, and was hailed as a “peacemaker” following his re-election as Chairman.

Continuing his commitment to service, Steve Yates has served in advisory roles in several presidential campaigns including Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and George W. Bush. Steve has been a frequent media contributor and commenter, including appearances on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Channel and many Idaho and regional TV and radio programs.

Steve and his wife Diana were married in 1990, and they have welcomed two adopted kids into their lives: Christina and John.